Graphic Design

Art 2 Ink® provides our customers with Powerful Graphic Design that gets your businesses noticed.  Our designs not only convey your message but invokes emotion in your perspective customers that prompts them to action.  Our team of experienced designers  can provide you with the artwork you need for your  Logo Design, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Banners, Catalogs, Postcards, Mailers, or any other need you may have.We are experienced at helping guide new businesses through every step from original concept to delivery, as well as taking existing marketing campaigns further by polishing the design and refining the message.

You can trust Art 2 Ink® to give your message the visual power it needs to attract the clients you want!  Contact us today to speak with a design specialist about your graphic design needs.

Vector Artwork

Vector artwork, is commonly used for signs and banners, silk screening, and promotional products. It is made up of mathematical objects called “vectors”. These numeric files is are easy to edit and can be reduced or enlarged to any size without pixalization. Vector artwork is ideal for logos, text, borders, shapes and even complicated illustrations. It is recommended that logos be created in vector format.

The graphic design team at Art 2 Ink® can convert your existing artwork to vector artwork, or we create new designs for your next marketing campaign. If you aren’t sure if you need vector artwork for your current project contact us for a free consultation.  One of our design specialists will evaluate your project and let you know what type of artwork will be required.


There are many types of printing  and each can have different types of finishes not to mention the hundreds of types of papers.   Don’t be fooled by some companies claims that they provide “Premium Business Cards” or “Professional Brochures”.  You need a partner that is experienced and knowledgeable in how these three factors interact with the artwork and with each other.  You need someone who’s priority is to provide you with the best possible quality printed material at the lowest price possible.  You can trust Art 2 Ink® to be that partner!

Whether you are printing 500 Business Cards,  1000 Postcards, or 20,000 Brochures, every employee at Art 2 Ink® is dedicated to providing you the finest quality products  and the highest level of customer service.  Contact us today and we’ll determine the best combination of print, finish and paper for your project.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to new and existing customers.  A professionally designed and printed direct mail campaign can not only get your business noticed, but invoke emotion in your prospective customers resulting in them contacting your business. Direct mail has a relatively low cost compared to other forms of mass advertising and has a better return on your investment.

Art 2 Ink® makes direct mail campaigns easy by providing you with everything you need in one location.  From graphic design to printing and mailing, our experienced and knowledgeable team assist you.  Our advanced printing capabilities means that we can provide variable data, folding and inserting services.

With the US Postal Service’s “Every Door Direct Mail” (EDDM) service it is a great time to start a direct mail campaign.  Contact us today for special offers and details about this program or see our EDDM Services page.


Web Sites

Your business’ web site is quite often your first opportunity to convey fully what products and services you have to offer.  Business cards, brochures, promotional products and other marketing materials  play an important role by generating the initial interest.  The next layer of your marketing plan should be a professionally designed website.  Together with these other marketing materials, your website can project the image of your business that wish your customers to have.

Art 2 Ink’s team of graphic designers, copy writers, and web masters can provide you with brand consistency across all your marketing materials including your website.  From a simple site that communicates your message clearly and professionally to a full E-Commerce site to sell your products online, Art 2 Ink® is a partner you can trust to deliver a  professional easy to use website at a fair price.

Contact us today to speak with a designer about creating a new site for your business or updating your business’ existing site with a new look or increased functionality.

Art 2 Ink® also provides domain registration, email and web hosting.

Internet Services

To better serve our customers, Art 2 Ink® provides the following internet services to compliment our graphic design and website design services.  It is important that your domain name and web hosting remain your business’ intellectual property.  Some other companies register your domain name under their companies name.  Some less reputable companies force you to pay large fees to transfer the web hosting and domain registration to another service provider.  At Art 2 Ink® we always register YOUR domain in YOUR companies name or guide you through the registration process so you can do it for yourself.

Domain Name Registration – In the same way that you have to register a business name, you also need to register your domain name. Once registered it is assigned to a specific IP address so that your email server and/or website has an actual location on the internet. A domain name can be registered for 1, 2, 5 or 10 years but is normally only valid for one year.  At the end of the registration period it must be renewed in order for you to continue using it. Art 2 Ink® recommends  a 2 or 5 year registration and that the auto renew feature be enabled.  This prevents lapses in your service.

Email & Website Hosting – In order for your business to have an email address and/or a website associated to your domain name, a server with all the appropriate software has to provide you with the physical space to store the data and enough  bandwidth to accommodate the flow of information to and from your site or email server. The company that provides you with this service is your Host.  You pay the host a monthly fee for providing these essential services.

To sum it up, you need a domain name plus hosting to have a website.

Your first step is to check the availability of the domain name you have chosen, or if you already have a domain name you can sign up for a website or email hosting account.  For more information about the internet services provided by Art 2 Ink® Contact Us today to ensure your best odds of getting the domain name you want.

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